Thursday, May 21, 2009

My time at Oak Grove.

Many of you know, I was hired on in January at Oak Grove Classical Academy to teach in the Kindergarten classroom this spring. Little did I know that I would have the privilege to touch 16 little souls. My semester was a blessed one, and I really will miss those sweet faces every Tuesday and Thursday. We can no longer afford for me to teach there, so the job hunt has begun. We're praying that the Lord would provide employment for me. We're trusting He will. Here are some pictures of my sweet kiddos, Enjoy! 

Dr. Seuss' birthday was in March, we made Cat in the Hat hats and had a parade. 

Painting "Moroccan Pottery," for Kinder Culture.
I have a really great husband. He came into our class one afternoon and taught a science lesson to my sweet students. He was a bit worried at first, but did a WONDERFUL job. Sierra (seen in the picture with her chin on his knee) was his biggest fan. He did the classic "carnation in the food coloring trick," and one of the boys said, "Mr. Gilmore is a GENIUS!" So great. I think this is foreshadowing of his fathering skills...:)

The self-proclaimed "sand girls." :) 

The blue table painting away!

One of the best parts of this Spring was getting to work alongside Cindy Kinney. She is one heck of a Kindergarten teacher, as well as a friend. We had some seriously good laughs, as well as so many sweet memories this semester.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Master. Guest Bath. Office. Done.

I love my birdy canvases.

The one piece of furniture we bought brand new. Ryan was tired of stuffing his socks and underwear in a hanging shelf thing in the closet. :) 

Lucky for me, my sis is one heck of a photographer. She made us this beautiful monogram for Christmas and it looks great in the new room. :) (Thanks Jen!)

The resident carpenter at work! 

Yes, we made the headboard. I got the idea off some website and knew we could do it. We got batting and fabric and "upholstered" the wall. Then we got molding from Lowe's and spray painted it to match the light fixture and hardware on the new dresser. We framed the fabric and voila! an inexpensive headboard that makes quite the statement in our room!

Guest bathroom, (if you ever come over, the door doesn't lock, so be careful. :) 

More guest bath.

Office's jam corner. We're posers. 

More office. 

Ryan's bookcase. He's very picky about which books go where.