Friday, September 25, 2009

Sola Aqua

Sola Aqua means “only water,” in Latin. Desert Springs has been doing mission work in Guatemala for years. We send teams to Guatemala several times a year and this October a team is heading there to help construct and repair water systems in two different Achi villages. During the month of September, we joined them as a congregation in a water fast. We were to choose two weeks during the month to abstain from all drinks except tap water. Throughout those two weeks, every time we craved something sweet or caffeinated, we were encouraged to thank God that we have clean water readily available, as well as pray that God will use the team in October to not only bring clean water from the ground, but Living Water from the Word (John 7:37-38). Also, we’re taking the money we would’ve spent on other types of drinks and sending it with the team in October.

 This was a challenge for Ryan and I. We drink a cup of coffee every single morning. We also drink milk with our cereal and orange juice in the morning. He enjoys a beer every once and a while with dinner and I enjoy a glass of wine (or two) at the end of a long day as well. J We don’t keep soda in the house, so that wasn’t as much of a challenge, but home-girl needs a Diet Coke every so often on those psycho days.

 It was so insightful for us to take 2 weeks off of these extra drinks and find out how much we depend on different beverages to alter our moods. In the mornings we prayed for the LORD to give us strength and energy for the day to be surrounded by children who need all of our attention. We also had to ask the Lord to take away the stresses and anxieties as the end of a horrible day at work instead of looking forward to our glass of wine or bottle of beer, (That makes us sounds like alcoholics, but you know what I mean). It was a great thing to see how much we do NOT ask the Lord for these things enough, and instead crave a Diet Coke during the end of the craziest day in my 3rd grade class. We are sinful. 

 I figured in 2 weeks we saved about $25 on only drinking the FREE, CLEAN water from our tap. We’ll gladly donate that money to people who have to travel miles for something we take so for granted.

 Thank you, Jesus, for opening our eyes and hearts during those difficult 2 weeks. Please bring clean water and your cleansing water of the Word to the Achi people in Guatemala. 

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Well, Sort of...

So, last week I had the great intention of posting about my sweet husband and my training for the Duke City Half-Marathon. That's right, we've been running our little hearts out. Well, sort of...Here's the deal breaker: Time. This morning I woke up and realized that I haven't run since last Sunday. That's almost a week. No running. Not even brisk walking. Nothing. 

So this morning as I sat at the Volcano Vista Cross Country meet, (Yes, I'm a faithful fan) and realized that maybe this year was not the year for us to run the half. I have run two halves in the past, but those were the good ol college days where time was in abundance and I could dedicate many hours of my week to training. 

With Ryan and I both in new jobs that take so much time and energy, by the end of the day the last thing I want to do is run 6 miles. No, thank you. So we talked today and once we decided to sit this one out, we were both relieved. The highlighted training schedule on our fridge was beginning to stress us out, not motivate us. There you have it, we've officially let the dream die. 

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The End of an Era

I met my sweet husband almost 3 and a half years ago. He was quite fetching in his cherry red 2000 Mazda Protege. He was the first one to say, "Do you like my chick car? Pretty hot huh?" The truth was, it didn't matter what he drove, he could've been riding a donkey, I would have fallen for him just the same. We've had many great memories in that car, and we were a bit nostalgic as we cleaned out the trunk and traded her in. The good news is, we will no longer have a garage full of billowing smoke as he drives in at the end of every day. And, it won't leak tons of goo onto our garage floor. AND I won't worry so much about him getting from point A to point B, (no seriously, that car could've spontaneously combusted at any moment). 

It's true, we've taken another step toward being real adults and traded in Old Red for a 2008 black Hyundai Santa Fe. I'm very excited that my sweetie is driving a SAFE vehicle. We're very thankful for the jobs that allow us to have a car payment. Enjoy the photos, and if you ever need a ride, give us a call! 

Saying goodbye.

That hub cap has been missing for years now. 

Ow! Ow! What a hottie in the new ride!

One happy husband. :)