Thursday, December 30, 2010


I've never been a huge New Year's fan, but I'm beginning to like different traditions friends and family have shared with me. For example, my brother Travis has a "Do Not Tolerate" list for the following year based on things he did tolerate in the current year but wants to rid himself of. A blog I've already mentioned before, kojodesigns has 2 great traditions that Ryan and I will be starting this year. First, write down the best things about the previous year, AND make predictions for the following year. While I still have great ambitions of blogging about our Christmas festivities, I thought a photo review of 2010 would be fun. Enjoy!

January: My sister Jen got married to Chris on New Years Day in Galveston.

February: Lesley begins demolition of the tile. (New tile is installed shortly after).

March: We run a half-marathon in Washington DC while spending Spring Break visiting my brother, Brad.

April: Lesley's first ham for Easter.

May: Lesley gives Ryan the first home-haircut....Oops!!! Don't worry folks, I fixed it. :)

June: We take a road trip all through Texas visiting friends and family.

July part I: The landscaping of the backyard begins.

July Part II: Megan and Sean come to visit from Georgia.

August: Johns Family Camping.

September: Trip to Dixon Apple Farm.

October: Love trip to Durango.

November: Millie comes to visit.

December: Ryan and I embrace ugly Christmas sweaters for the Johns Family "Talent" Show.

Happy 2011!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Adventures in MILLIE sitting!

Last weekend, my dear friend Millie came to Albuquerque for a visit. Allow me to properly introduce Mill...She and I led a girls Bible study at Tech for Campus Crusade and knew quickly we were kindred spirits...And my favorite part about Millie, she's the 3rd of 8 children and was home-schooled. I wish the following photographs were filled with denim jumpers and white Keds, but Millie is much more fashionable than I, and she herself gave me the idea for the title of this blog. We laughed till we cried, and had such a fun time together. It was a very low key weekend, (just how we like it) and we were both very blessed!

Weck's for breakfast.

I was on a boot mission-found great Steve Madden's at Dillard's, but then found VERY similar boots at Kohl's for $100 less...well, Millie found them in Midland and is shipping them soon, I'll post comparative pics when I receive them.

Mini Le Crueset. Melt my gourmet heart.

Millie rockin the Kitchenaid!

We nailed the Pioneer Woman's almond scones...Delish!

We went shopping...Millie was my personal shopper in the best sort of ways. We found this great dress and...The Magic Belt. I'm telling you, the belt is magical. Everything I tried on looked 10x better with the belt. Then, we got home and put the belt on my existing clothes and it was as if I had a whole new wardrobe! Magic, I tell you!

Ryan appreciating the fashion show.

Millie was appalled that I owned Chaco's. I tried to tell her they were very practical for the nanny job I had 3 summers ago, but she didn't relent. Don't worry, me trying on the Chaco's with the dress was only for Millie's entertainment.

The Belt even gives Ryan a waist!

We had a fabulous lunch with Linds and went to a craft fair at a very evil place...La Cueva. :)


Lindsey loving her crafts.

How glam is Millie?

Quite the conundrum.

I sent Ryan for appetizers at Trader Joe's and he came back with Mac and Cheese poppers. Love him.

Love Frozen Yogurt...YUM!

It was a delight to have Mill in town for the weekend....Come again soon!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I have a dorky confession. I am a serious Harry Potter girl. The first book came out in ’97, which would’ve made me 11-the same age as Harry and his friends as they started Hogwarts. I’m blaming my dorky obsession on the fact that I was a pre-teen who loved reading. So anyways, I read all the books and have also seen all the movies. The 7th movie is out (well, Part One that is) and since it’s been so long since I’ve seen all the movies, I coaxed my sweet husband into a Harry marathon. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday this week and 3 days off, we’ve had ample time to catch up with Harry and the gang. We’re finishing the 6th movie and then heading to the 7th this afternoon… What’s your dorky obsession?

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Last weekend, Ryan and I took a little love trip up to Durango. Taking the advice from my friend Susan who is the expert on Durango, we stayed at the Apple Orchard Inn. This place is the definition of charming. It's a Bed and Breakfast north of town, and we had our own private cottage!

Our little cottage! It had a fireplace inside and a hot tub in the back.

Delightful, right?!

The trees were all changing colors and were beautiful.

We ate, and ate, and ate some more. Isn't that what vacation is for?

On the front porch of the cottage. Ryan is the expert on the timer-photo.

Dessert. Yummy!

How cute is my love?

The aspen in the fall are to.die.for.

It was a great blessing to get away and relax for the weekend. I love you, Ry!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Babies, Babies, Babies.

No, not for us yet (keep those prayers coming!), but many of my close friends are having wee ones lately. This not only provides me ample opportunity to hold sweet newborns, but also for taking a whack at the Singer dear husband bought me last Christmas. Craft blogs are my new best friend, and as my friend Michelle pointed out today when opening a gift I made for her, "Part time is treating you well!" Using patterns and tutorials from homemadebyjill, I've come up with some sweet shower gifts.

3 burp cloths, a bib, and diaper wipes clutch-of the feminine variety made from a 4-pack of receiving blankets.

Same thing, only the gender neutral "Surprise Baby" variety-and I bought the flannel fabric from Joanne's.

The wipes clutch. Making diaper changing a little less crappy.

This afternoon I also hosted, with the help of some sweet friends, a baby shower to help welcome my good friend Michelle's second daughter into the world. For throwing parties, and other crafting goodness, I always check out kojodesigns. These girls are good.

Sweet "wishes for baby" cards that people filled out. Very fun.

And for favors...A festive chocolate bar for the road!