Monday, January 25, 2010


As you can imagine from my last post, our house is still a construction zone. Things are coming along, and we've finally, (after 5 estimates) chosen the lucky company who is going to lay the tile for us. They're set to start work in a week from today, and they assume it will take a good week to complete. So, in 2 weeks hopefully the dust will be cleared, the furniture put back into place, and our home will be a home again. And yours truly will no longer want to pull her hair out. :)

Although life has felt very much like chaos, I did get some time to make some Valentines. They're simple, but delightful. Will you be mine?

Lastly, our fish has died. He was the first addition to our little family, which I understand is somewhat ridiculous, but a year ago, the motherly itch was itching, (not that it's left much at all) and I just had to be a mother to something. So off to PetsMart we go, and home we return with Finley. Although Ryan thought his name was Tookie. We mostly just called him Fish. That was about a year ago, and he died last week. Pretty good life span for a fish. :) This picture was taken the first night we got him.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

When Ryan's Away...

Lesley will turn our lovely home into a construction zone....