Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break 2K10

The Rotunda of the Capitol Building

Library of Congress.

The Boys

Ryan loves his Nation's Capitol.

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day. I swear this was
Ryan's first beer.


Natural History Museum

The first ladies have style.

There's No Place Like the Smithsonian...

Julia Child's Kitchen

Washington Monument

Changing of the Guard at Arlington

Arlington National Cemetery.


This is me REALLY excited about...


My friend Gary, who is working at the White House and gave us the tour.

The Press Briefing Room.

Rock Stars.

The Capitol at Night

Ryan getting artsy-fartsy on me.

Such fun and interesting homes!

Carbo-loading before our race...

Representing New Mexico Pride.

Finally finished our 13.1!!

WWII Memorial

On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Vietnam Memorial. Also sobering.

Lincoln Memorial

Although we missed the official Cherry Blossom Festival by a week, the warm weather helped open them up early while we were there. Beautiful I tell you!

Monday, March 15, 2010

What to Wear...

To the White House?

That's right, Ryan and I are packing up and heading out tomorrow for our Spring Break trip to DC! We have lots of fun things to see (Dorothy's ruby slippers and the Smithsonian are at the top of the list) but one of the coolest opportunities will be provided from a friend from high school. He's currently working in the White House and will be giving us a special tour on Thursday evening! I'll let you know how dinner with the Obamas goes! HA!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Things Have Changed...

Okay, correction. Some things have changed. Some of my fave friends from school Millie, Dana and I (and Jenn in spirit) met in Lubbock last weekend for a little girls get-away. I haven't been back in over a year, and throughout the entire weekend, as changes would surprise us, we would comment, "Things have changed." For example: A 4-star hotel built near campus, FANCY housing for spoiled college students, the Marsha Sharpe freeway, tons of construction, and new restaurants abounding. Despite many of the changes, there is one thing that hasn't changed: These are great friends whom I love and enjoy dearly.

We made a pit stop at our old dorm, Stangel. Dana and I didn't even live there the same year, but the memories created there were shared by both of us. I wanted to knock on Lindsey and my old door and see who was living in there, but exercised self-control.

Browsing at the Hodge, a delightful little home boutique that has the style of Anthro, but much more small town and wonderful. We spent a considerable amount of time there while in school and it was our #1 priority of the weekend.

Dana was enjoying browsing.

Pretty friends.

Extremely satisfied with our purchases.

Coffee with old friends at J&B.

Mill was the coolest on the inhaler.

What a lovely afternoon.

Yummy dinner...

And Sheridan's (the world's best frozen custard on the planet) for dessert!

I love you girls, thanks for such a fab weekend!