Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Backyard Oasis.

Our backyard is now a really lovely place to spend time in. Dear Husband and my Dad worked so hard to make it so beautiful. For four weeks, almost every single day, the two of them were out in the hot sun grinding away at the pit that was our backyard.

Tearing up the old wood decking that surrounded the patio.

A month prior to starting our backyard renovation, part of our fence blew down in a windstorm. Ryan had it rigged up for a while, but before the HOA sent us to homeowners prison, we thought it best to replace that portion of the fence.

My Dad, Marty and Ryan rebuilt the fence, and good luck to the next windstorm!


The monster of an evergreen on the side of the house was no match for my father and a chainsaw.

Here's a good shot of the DEAD grass and the general landscape before. The flagstone was laid out to see how much 1 ton really covers.

Free manual labor is a gift from above. I kept them happy with lots of this...

And this...

Dad became obsessed with Trader Joe's Sweet Tea.

The Home Depot rental truck made a couple trips to Emily Street.

All the block for around the yard.

Putting in the flagstone where the rotting wood once was.

Patio- mid-process.

Random photo of Ryan with his sisters. I thought it was a sweet photo.

Okay, so the patio and walkway out to the side yard was laid. And the railroad ties that once outlined the flower beds are now beautiful block walls. The ground is prepped for the new sod.

Father, being the baseball genius he is, really helped us in prepping the ground for the new sod.

The big sod day!

Sod is instant gratification!

Lunch Break.


The inaugural mowing 2 weeks after the sod was laid.

Dad just can't help himself from thinking this yard is his yard.
No, but really, we don't have an electric lawn mower yet.

We also decided to plant two hardy butterfly bushes in front of the two guest bedroom windows.

They love their new home.

We have already spent many mornings sipping our coffee and many evenings eating supper with family and friends and are so thankful for our beautiful new backyard. Come on over, will ya?!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Birthday Boy

My dear husband had a birthday a few days ago. We met when he was 24 and I was 20. I thought he was an old man then...Now he's 28 and in his words, "When you're 27, it's still mid-twenties...But 28 is officially late-twenties and 30 is right around the corner." The good news for him (and me!) is, he gets more and more handsome (and kind, and...) every single year. I am so thankful for the man I share life with. He is such a joy and continues to make me laugh everyday.

On his actual birthday we celebrated by eating Thai food for lunch and seeing Inception. We also had a BBQ for him in our newly landscaped backyard oasis!

Yellow Cake Mini Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting...Thank you, Smitten Kitchen.

The Grill-Master

The Menu:
Burgers and Hot Dogs
Chips and Queso

Lesley M and Mother

Dad and Paul.

Blayde, Leah, Noelle

Dom and Karen.

Crazy Parents.

Ryan blowing out the candles with the resident 4-year-old expert.

Brandon and Julie

Realizing about midnight that we didn't take one picture the whole night.

Happy Birthday, Love!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


The water sprays out, in a cool gentle stream,

In the hot days of summer, it's every child's dream.

Carefree and barefoot, they run to and fro,

Playing a game, while helping the grass grow.

They laugh with excitement, as the water gives them a spray,

What a way to cool off, they could do this all day.

The fun of the sprinkler, can’t be beat

Even a pool’s not as neat.

-E.K. Stapleton