Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Heart Autumn in New Mexico

One of the greatest things about the Land of Enchantment is having four true seasons. Autumn is officially among us, and we've truly been enjoying the nip in the air! If only I could have a new cardi for every day of the week...Okay, so perhaps that's an unreasonable request, but a girl can dream....
This morning, Ryan and I took our annual voyage north for the best apples around. I've been going to Dixon's Apple Farm since I was a little girl, and I truly love the tradition. And the apples.

Yes, we had caramel apples for breakfast.

Another fun thing we did last week was go see Brad Paisley in concert. Some sweet friends of ours' scored free tickets and invited us to go. When walking in, Whitney looks at the tickets and says, "Do you think Section One is good?" Yes, Whitney, section one was VERY good!

I promise Ryan had not done drugs that night. Or ever.

Adding to this random Fall blog post is the recipe for buttermilk pie. My brother Travis has two specialties: booze and dessert. And if we're honest, that's everyone's favorite part of a meal anyway. This is Trav's recipe, and totally worth sharing!

1 stick butter or margarine
1 1/2 cups sugar
3 eggs
1/2 cup buttermilk
1/4 cup flour
1 tsp. vanilla
dash of salt
frozen pie crust

Melt butter. Add flour to sugar. Mix well with butter. Add buttermilk, eggs, salt and vanilla. Bake in unbaked pie shell 60 minutes at 325 until golden brown.

We took this tonight to the annual neighborhood potluck, and the neighbors could not get enough! The last time I made it, I sliced fresh strawberries on top and it was great. Its also the kind of dessert you eat the next morning with a cup of coffee. That is, if you're the type who eats leftover dessert for breakfast like me.

I hope you and yours are also enjoying the Fall!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fight Raiders Fight...

Last night the Texas Tech football team rolled into Albuquerque to play the Lobos. It has been 6 years since they've been to town, and 6 years ago I was a freshman at Tech. Lindsey, my bff from high school and roomie at Tech and I made the trip back for the game very confident of our Red Raiders to put it to the Lobos and have bragging rights for the next four years. Much to our dismay, the Lobos pulled off a win in the last few seconds with a field goal. It was depressing. Last night was some sweet revenge. Tech beat the Lobos 52-17, and now all is right in the world again.

Dear Husband and I when he thought the Lobos may have a chance...

Laura (another bff from ABQ who also went to Tech) and I with our GUNS UP!

A beautiful sunset was the perfect backdrop for a beautiful win.
Go Tech!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Family Camping 2010

Family Camping 2010 was over a month ago, but the memories are still warm in our hearts. Jen, Chris and Trav came in from Houston, and Brad made his way down from DC. Also joining us this year were Dad’s two best buds from high school, Luke and Butch. Luke’s wife Evette, and sweet sweet 4-year-old son, Isaac (Little Man) were also along for the ride, and we all left with our faith in child discipline restored. It rained quite a bit, but we still had a great time.

The night before we left for camping, we went to a Topes game, and also made four buttermilk pies.

Dead tree. Good for firewood.

Isaac was playing horseshoes with Sophie. Sophie is clearly amused.

Fire builders.

Luke’s Frisbee: Varsity, Ryan’s: JV.

Ryan and Travis had a coloring contest and Isaac was the judge. Trav wins.


Rock Collector.

Brad’s Fish.

Texas (Chris and Butch) vs. New Mexico (Dad and Ryan) game of horseshoes. New Mexico won. Twice.

We were bored, (mostly due to the rain) so it seemed like a really great idea to have a race. Ryan won.

I then challenged my sweet mother to a walking race, and she really did give me a run for my money.

Do you see how I hardly beat her? Yikes.


Mom’s lightning-quick hands were helpful when avoiding mosquitoes.

Team Photo.

Johns-Cash-Gilmore-Lesak Team Photo.

Brad and Travis competed for “Best Uncle” award using Little Man.

My family is very concerned with having specific roles defined when together for special occasions. Travis is very much the “Camp Drunk,” and has been for many years now. Brad really wants to be the best at everything, so this year he challenged Travis’ title. Ryan was coaching or counseling Trav in his endeavors, and Chris came in as the Rookie of the Year. Check out these shirts, made by Trav himself.