Monday, February 21, 2011

The Big 6-0.

My mother's 60th birthday was sure to be a challenge when it came to how in the world Dad and I were going to pull off surprising her with a big party. We planned and prepped, prepped and planned. We invited over 100 people and about 65 showed, including my Mom's brother Bill and sister Carol, my brother Brad, my Dad's sister Paula and Mom's best friend from college, Lin. Plus old friends from Colorado and El Paso.

All of her friends and family showing up to celebrate with her was such evidence of what a wonderful woman she is. I'm truly blessed to call her my Mom.

We ordered mini cupcakes from Cake Fetish and they were delish! We did the hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries.

I bought flowers from Costco and divided them into different centerpieces.

Mom was VERY surprised by Lin who came all the way from Cleveland.

And brother Brad from DC.

Too cute!

Mom's brother and sister.

We slaved over 4 of P-Dub's lasagna's...A BIG hit!

Poofs and homemade banner.

She was in shock.

Opening gifts after everyone had left.

Ti-red. But what a fun night!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The (Not-So) Perfect Valentine's Day

Ryan and I celebrated Valentine’s Day on Saturday. I always have high expectations for days like these, wanting to get Ryan a special and thoughtful gift and really celebrate “us.” Here is also something I don't think I should be proud of, yet honest. I really enjoy receiving gifts. I’m not sure if this is shallow or something I need to take up with the Lord, but I like getting presents.

I also like making homemade valentines!

This year I decided rickrack was the perfect accessory.

Anyways….We had plans (and a Groupon) to dine at Slate Street CafĂ© and I had high hopes of making some beautifully delicious dessert for us to enjoy at home. My pal Millie made this for V-Day, and I’m completely coveting her domestic skills. Due to lack of preparation, I used the mix that came along with a cute bundt pan set my mother in law gave me for Christmas.

Here are the results:

I hope you're laughing out loud. That's really the only appropriate response to this picture.

I ruined Valentine’s Day.

And you should see the bottom of my oven...

We decided to exchange gifts before we left for dinner. Ryan got me a nice necklace from Lilly Barrack that is really pretty, just not so much my style. What does a wife do in this situation? Pretend you like it and wear it? Tell him the truth and when he offers to let you return it take him up on it? When talking this over with my sister I say, “You know I’m picky about my jewelry…” and she replies, “Yes, that and everything else.” I’m choosing to take this as a compliment. She said honesty is the best policy and I’m assuming she’s right. And it doesn’t help that I’m not so cool at hiding my emotions so he could tell I wasn’t crazy about the necklace. The truth of the matter is I have a dear husband who had a very busy and stressful week who picked something sweet out for me for Valentine’s Day. I am very blessed.

But alas, I managed to ruin Valentine’s Day again.

We ended up have an excellent meal at Slate Street, and saw Just Go With It. It was cute and very very funny. We laughed really hard. And by the way, Jennifer Aniston is 42 and looks unbelievable. It’s not fair.

I think it’s important to note that in marriage not everything is roses and sunshine and perfect gifts and perfect heart-shaped bundt cakes. And even on one of the most romantic days of the year, there are plenty of things to screw it up. But that’s life. And we love each other because of and in spite of burnt bundts (say that three times fast) and not-my-style necklaces. And I’m so thankful for my sweet sweet hubby who loves me so well.

This has nothing to do with the above, but one of our new fave bands, Mumford and Sons is really worth checking out. Dudes, they are really good. We’ve heard a few songs on the radio and we bought the CD today, and so should you. Unless of course you already have and we’re the ones totally late to that party.

Happy V-Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Master Makeover Compliments of the Snow

As you saw on our last post, Ryan and I had a week off last week due sub-zero temps and a few flakes. While it was fabulous, it was difficult to plan since we didn't know if we'd be off the next day or not. Let's just say the house became a wreck, we stayed in our jammies for most of the day, and watched the entire season two of The Office. It was so great seeing Jim and Pam fall in love all over again. Anyway, we decided on Thursday afternoon that it was time to paint our bedroom. You see, when we moved in we painted the entire house and painted our bedroom a light blue. I really wanted to paint it gray two years ago, but was too chicken to do it. So we went for blue. And I've hated it ever since. Hate is a strong word, more like great disdain.

Can you even tell it's blue in the picture? We also had bad lamps and make-shift side tables.

Now you can see the blue. And the bad lamps.

Here is where the idea began...We even got a fire going.

Sonic beverages, check. Paint, check.

I told you about the jammies till noon thing...

May I take a moment to brag on my husband's trimming skills? Seriously, this kid is GOOD!

Dust much?

Like Ryan says, "Gray is elegant for you and manly for me." Whatever works for him...

What do you think?

The side tables and lamps were bought this summer at TJMaxx for under $150 for all four.

I'm digging the pop of yellow with these sunflowers! I'm in the market for new throw pillows...Maybe teal and yellow?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore's Magnificent Snow Day(s)

It all began at 5:24AM yesterday morning. My sweet husband's alarm went off, we checked the APS website, and no news was bad news: We had to go to work. So he hops in the shower and a few minutes later, just for grins, I check the website again: 2 HOUR DELAY. You see, my little private school follows whatever APS says, so I too get to sleep in! He gets out of the shower and back into bed. We set the alarm for an hour later, check the website and guess what?! SCHOOL WAS CANCELED! Now it's not that I don't LOVE those sweet little 5 and 6 year olds I spend my Tuesdays and Thursdays with, but a day off, in the middle of the week, with the hottie I live with? What a treat! So we did what any people who've been warned to stay off the roads by all official people in the city would do...we headed out for bagels and coffee.

The bagels were consumed too quickly to be photographed.

We don't exactly own a snow shovel, but the broom did the trick for our driveway.

We spent a good part of the day with Jim, Pam and the gang, drinking hot tea and crafting.

I learned how to make tissue paper poms-much cheaper than buying them on etsy...Seriously $5 for 99 cents worth of tissue paper?

I know it's not clear, but it snowed close to 5 inches!


One thing I did not do yesterday was bake the Pioneer Woman's chicken pot pie, but I did weeks ago, and it certainly deserves to be featured in a blog post.

Check out my poms!

Tacos were our snow day dinner of choice, and they were delish!

We spent some time with Solomon learning about how all of life is vanity, and that enjoying anything in life is a simple gift of God.

And I understand this falls under the category of pure vanity according to Solomon, but I did end our lovely snow day with the gals of Beverly Hills.

Did I mention that the glorious 'powers that be' canceled school AGAIN today?

So we had breakfast burritos this morning...

And now we're watching Love Story, from 1970 and it is absolutely heartwarming. And it's a good thing too, our hearts being warmed, because the current temperature in the 505 is 1 degree!