Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Fashion Re-Purposing, Jennifer Hudson, and Other Random Tidbits.

Today I brought my sweet Gram to my house in order to get a few things done. A few things turned into some (what I think) fab Spring fashion re-purposing. My friend Meghan inspired me with a great ruffle she made and added to a solid sweater. It was such a great pop of color, and I knew there were many sad shirts in my closet that never see the sun that could easily be improved upon with a ruffle. So it began. I took the ruffle off this shirt (still cute, but too short).

and added it to a plain red/coral shirt. I’m digging it.

Then, I took this great scarf I got from some thoughtful moms in my class and added it to a plain blue shirt that I never wear. All I did was pin it in four places so that I can remove it for washing. What do you think?

My fave fashion critic.

Did I mention it’s mid-70’s here today? So great! Here is the outfit for an afternoon at a baseball game.

And here it dressed up (slightly) for a nice dinner with the family.

Add grey cardi, magic belt and great peep toes that I wore to our wedding-Millie would be proud.

Now on to Jennifer Hudson…about a month ago I found myself on my couch watching Oprah after school. Jennifer Hudson, only 80 pounds lighter, was on, delighting viewers with her fab new figure. I thought, 'If Jennifer can lose 80 pounds, surely I can lose 15!' Some background: I’ve gained 15 pounds since we got married, which was three years ago. 5 pounds a year is not the trajectory I want to stay on. Think of the weight after 20 years! I’ve always been active, but seeing J-Hud really inspired me to buckle down. I signed up for Weight Watchers Online before the show was even over, and have seen nothing but results since. I’ve lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks! I’ve been really happy with it. Pants are fitting better, and it’s like I have new clothes in my closet because they actually fit!

In other news, Mother and I have been quilting. Yes, I am my mother’s daughter. And my grandmother’s granddaughter, for that matter. I started a Christmas quilt before last Christmas, and I’m just now finishing it…Hopefully it will be done by Christmas 2011. And Mother has been working on a baby quilt, assuming my sister or I will eventually need it. I like her confidence.

(Insert picture of Christmas quilt here-Oops! Next post...)

More baby gifts! This one went to a roommate from Tech whose baby girl is due in a few weeks. Happy Baby Jacque!

Tomorrow I turn 25. I feel good about it! Tonight’s dinner conversation topic: What were you doing when you were 25?

And now I’ll ask you, what were you doing at 25? Or if you’re not there yet, what do you hope to be doing at 25?

I'll leave you with a photo of my grandfather's pen collection and a quote from our favorite 87-year old woman, Bunny.

She was talking about a time years ago when her son was in his twenties and was living with her and her husband. One day her son said to her, "You know Mother, living with you is really curtailing my sex life." She responds, "And what exactly do you think it's doing to mine?"

Happy Weekend!