Monday, April 25, 2011

Gardening, Eastering, Twinning, Tweeting.

Last weekend Ryan and I planted some different fruits and vegetables in our garden with the help of our gardening expert and sister extraordinaire, Lauren.

Ryan and Lo.

The pot on our front porch.

Gardening Gilmore Girls!!!

My Monster.

Like my hat? It was my honeymoon hat, but now it's my gardening hat.

PW's chocolate sheet cake. Holy Cow. I think I have a problem. Don't ask me how many Weight Watchers points one slice is...


Onto Easter festivities...The hubs humored me and dyed eggs with me. The whole fam came to our house for Easter lunch, and it was fabulous!

The Dads

Carrot name cards for our guests...Idea courtesy of Martha.

The group! We were ten total and dinner was DE-LI-CIOUS!

Mom, Dad, Lo.

PW's Carrot Cake. Again, don't ask how many WW points this is. The carrots are only a facade for the amount of butter and sugar in this sucker.

Mom and Pop Johns

In other news, my lovely big sissy is preggers with TWINS!!!! Check out her blog here to see her pregnancy progress. We skyped the other day and I asked to see her growing belly. Then she asked to see my shrinking belly! I'm down 11 pounds people! That's quite a bit of weight on this 5'3 frame! J-Hud would be so proud.

Also, Adventures in Granny Sitting is now on twitter. I know, who am I? I have never thought my day-to-day activities were ever interesting enough to post online, but I get at least 3 good one-liners everyday I'm there, and thought others may get some laughs from it too. My twitter account is here! Happy Monday!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Adventures in Granny-Sitting has moved.

Hi Friends,
Just a quick note to say that all of my 'Adventures in Granny-Sitting' posts have been moved here. For privacy's sake, I changed some names and locations. Thanks for reading!