Sunday, May 29, 2011

Swinging for the Fences

As some of you may know, my Dad is a baseball coach here in town. Yesterday the hubs and I went up to the baseball field to take a few hacks. I've never seen Ryan play baseball, and wanted to see if our future children had any chance at all of being ballplayers. :) I was extremely pleased with his performance.

Little League Pose.


Dad threw BP.

Pops was a champ.

Do you like my swing? I hit quite a few, but none made it out of the infield. :)

Ryan hit two home-runs! Woot!

Untitled from Lesley Gilmore on Vimeo.

We've again discovered that my greatest strength on the athletic field is smack-talking. Please disregard the heavy breathing. I'm not sure who was standing behind me while I was shooting that video. Shame on them.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Glimmer of Redemption.

Great news, folks. Our resignation has been officially tendered for the beloved paper route. We have seventeen days left, and couldn't be happier. We're thankful for the money we've earned and even more thankful that we live in a free country and can quit jobs that are terrible. Although we still strongly dislike just about every minute of it, we received a glimmer of hope in the mail last week.

I mean really, how sweet is this?

There is one week of school left, and Ryan and I are very grateful for the approaching summer vacation. We're super pumped we're going to Palm Springs in June to celebrate the nuptials of a dear friend from college. Congrats Lauren and Ben!

Last week our washing machine flooded the kitchen (yay!) and we got a new one. She's a beauty, and uber efficient. I've always had an affinity for laundry doing...It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. Anyone else?

Last but certainly not least check out these roses! Our garden is producing beautiful, giant, and fragrant roses, I'm LOVING having them all around our house.

What are your summer plans?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Remember that one time we thought a paper route would be a good idea? Yeah, me neither.

About a year ago, the sweet hubs and I applied to be deliverers of the critically acclaimed local newspaper for a summer job. The money is quite good, and we enjoyed the thought of being done with work early and being able to spend time with each other the rest of the day. Of course, last summer they didn't call. They called a few months back, but many things fell through and we had lost all hope of our dreams of waking up at zero-dark-thirty to throw bundles of inky thin paper full of intriguing local news onto peoples' driveways every morning. It is, after all, every educated married couples' dream with real jobs to get up together EVERY morning to throw newspapers. Our prayers were answered and we were set to start May 1.

Last Sunday was our first day. We were told to be at the drop site at 2:30AM by our supervisor. Yes, 2:30. Our supervisor, 'She Who Must Not Be Named,' (SWMNBN) didn't get there until 3am, so we sat and waited. Little did we know we'd be waiting for 3 more hours. You see, on 'rare' occasions, the papers show up late. Apparently this time they ran out of ink. Yes, ink. So we sat in this cute little line in a parking lot about a mile from our house waiting for the blessed newspapers to arrive. At long last they arrived and She Who Must Not Be Named oversaw our papers off the truck. We loaded them up in our car and then were told we must take her car on the first day. If you were to rent her car, it would most definitely Economy Class. Now I need you to imagine this, 27 bundles of newspapers, 10 fat papers per bundle. PLUS 27 bundles of coupon inserts. Ryan stuffed her trunk as full as he could get it, and the rest of the bundles were my companion in the back seat. My legs were paralyzed as I began to place the coupons behind the 'headlines' and carefully place them in the required Sunday bag. SWMNBN drove and Ryan sat in the front seat. I'll spare you the gory details of the THREE hours we spent in her car, but her perfume wafting into the backseat combined by her erratic driving and 40 papers missing (this meant we had to meet someone to give us more papers) caused Ryan to utter the words, 'I feel so sick and dirty' when we arrived home. Total time spent on our first day: 6 hours.

Day Two's catastrophe has one man to blame: Osama bin Laden. Yes, the terrorist just had to go and be murdered the night before our second day. When stories 'go to press' late, the papers are also late. Two hours to be exact. Ryan had to run (literally) home to call in a sub for 1st period, and I called my grandfather to tell him I would be late for my date with Joanne. Day Two Ryan got to drive our car, but SWMNBN sat in the front seat, 'supervising.' Total time spent on our second day: 4 hours.

Days 3, 4, 5 and 6 have been better. We're getting faster each day, and only spending around 2 hours delivering the news to the citizens of Albuquerque. We're looking forward to the first paycheck which is set to come next week. Next time we have a really great idea like this, please someone kick us in the head. Until then, pray for us.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

You're Invited...

To the Royal Wedding! Yeah right, I wish. No, I wasn't invited to Will and Kate's nuptials, but was super excited to watch such an event and celebrate with friends. Whitney, Chrissy and I watched the Royal Wedding with and English lunch and it was delightful. We had sandwiches, biscuits with lemon curd, berries with clotted cream and tea! Oh yeah, and Mimosas. Between Chrissy and Whitney, there are 5 small children under 4, and explaining the importance of this nice lady becoming a real princess was a bit of a challenge, but I think they had a good time too!

Chrissy making mimosas!

Can you say YUMMY?!

Posing with Wills and Kate. :)

Ps-I'm thinking I need one of those fancy hats from the UK...I loved them!