Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Thought I Loved You Then...

June 21st, 2008
Happy 3rd Anniversary, My Love!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Palm Springs-ing.

Our trip last weekend was a blast. We did a lot of....






Great Anthro Dress-Wearing.

And Celebrating!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Favorite Things...Sunday edition

One of my best girlfriends Millie features a 'Favorite Things Friday' on her blog. While I had the best intentions to follow the 'Friday' trend, it didn't really work out this week. So here are my 'Favorite Things' Sunday edition...

Best Teacher Gift Ever-The parents in my class came up with this...It's a lovely lavender plant and each kid decorated a paper tulip with their picture on the front and a little note on the back. PLUS inside each tulip is a giftcard to different places! Can you say DATE NIGHT for the rest of the summer? So great!

Peonies. Trader Joe's has them once a year and they make me incredibly happy.

Banana ice cream. A girlfriend of mine told me about a great banana ice cream recipe: Frozen bananas. Seriously...Just put chopped up frozen 'nanners in the food processor and process away! It comes out so creamy and delicious. I, of course, made whipped cream to dollop on top, but chocolate sprinkles would also be great. *I found it's much easier to peel and chop the bananas then freeze them in a baggie then freezing the banana whole.

Summer Squash. While our garden has yet to produce anything pictured here, Smith's has. A super fun cookbook club I'm a part of featured a recipe that I plan on cooking again and again all summer long. It's from 'The Earthbound Cook' cookbook and basically consists of yellow squash, zucchini, onions, tomatoes, garlic, basil all sauteed up and sprinkled with shredded parmesan. Make this tonight!

'New' chairs. I found our patio table on craigslist for a screamin deal and have yet to find chairs I like for a good price. So we decided to re-cover the old chairs and I love them!

Ryan's thinking about starting a side upholstery business this summer.

Isn't she a beauty?

Lovely! We've been eating dinner out here just about every night.

Grandma's sewing machine. This thing is the definition of an 'Oldy but Goody.' My machine is a piece, and this one has come in very handy for all the summer sewing projects I've started!

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011