Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My big sister had her twin boys about a month ago. Mom and I went to Houston for five days to fall in love with those sweet boys. Here are a million pictures from our trip!

 Fresh off the plane-time to feed! 

 Pile 'O Babies. Love. Love. Love.

 Aunt Les (why am I talking in third person?) made them sock monkeys. Can't you tell how happy they were?

 Caleb especially had a fondness for his monkey. 

 Snuggle Bug. 

 Grammy J loving every minute of it!

 Okay, except maybe this minute. :) 

 Grammy is Wonder Woman and my dad said the boys look like prison inmates. Nice Papa. 

 Time for bed! 

 My brothers were also in town so we had a nice little reunion. We just kept saying, 'Holy Moly, Jen had kids.'

 Love. Love. Love. 

 My sister is a ROCK STAR. We've always known what an excellent mother she'd be! 

 Out to dinner with the boys.

 Sweet reunion with dear Bethany! Love you friend! 

 So happy. 

 Bath time! 

 Tummy time! 

 I could do this all day.

 Joshua makes these kissy lips that are the sweetest. Love. love. love. Do you sense a theme? 

Family photo! Thanks Jen and Chris for letting us come and fall in love with Caleb and Joshua. I miss you all. Move to Albuquerque.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Belly is Coming! The Belly is Coming!

I've begun a progression of the growing baby bump for your viewing pleasure. 
 4 weeks pregnant-just found out the good news!

 6 weeks. 

 8 weeks. Eat cupcakes much?

 10 weeks. 

 13 weeks. Grow baby grow! 

And this one just for fun. :)