Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 and 20 weeks.

Ryan and I have many things to be thankful for this year. One of them is that our families get along great and we all do Thanksgiving together. We all brought sides and desserts and my mom made the turkey. Everything was delicious and the company was delightful. 

Gobble Gobble. 

 Ryan teaching Grandpa about the iPad. 

"Geez, you are growing." Thanks Marty.
 Gilmore Clan.

 Johns Clan.

 20 weeks. I'm halfway done cooking this little turkey!

 Grandpa turned 87. Holy Smokes. 

 The world's most technologically unsavvy man enjoying his first game of Angry Birds.

 My contribution: PW's Dreamy Apple Pie. I ate leftovers for breakfast this morning because that's the kind of girl I am. 

 And PW's Pumpkin Cream Pie. Also delish!

I hope you and yours also had a great holiday!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby Gilmore is a....


The day of our ultrasound I baked pink and blue cupcakes. Whatever the baby ended up being, I would wrap them up and deliver the news to our families with a cupcake...

 After our appointment, Ryan and I went to dinner to celebrate then came home to wrap up the blue cupcakes. 

 Grammy J is color blind and was very confused by the 'green' blue cupcake she saw....


 Admiring the grandson's pictures. 

 We made Grandma and Papa close their eyes and open the cupcakes at the same time...

Papa is very pleased with the thought of his second grandson! 

The entire pregnancy I've thought the baby was a girl. So much for mother's intuition! :)  Most of our family and friends thought it would be a girl, and even Ryan at the end was shocked by the unmistakable boy on the screen. We are beyond thrilled and overjoyed by this blessing. Thank you for sharing in our joy!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Father's Daughter.





Monday, November 7, 2011


 June 2006

Much to my dismay, Saturday night I came down with a nasty stomach bug. And I do mean nasty. Lucky for me, I am married to SuperRyan. SuperRyan was the best caretaker of his sick, pregnant wife. He rubbed my back as my insides revolted, had water and mouthwash on hand at all times, went to the store at 5am to get me Sprite and bread (who doesn't have bread in their house at all times? Really. I need to talk to the housekeeper about this...) and lovingly reminded me to keep pounding the fluids (once of course, I could actually keep them down). He later went again to the store and got crackers and soup and popsicles, and four varieties of Gatorade, just in case I didn't like one. He sacrificed his own possibility of getting the stomach bug from hell by watching movies of my choice with me all afternoon. He stripped the bed and did the laundry, and tucked me into a clean bed promptly at 6pm. He let me sleep for 12 hours, and luckily his counterpart is feeling much better this morning. Thank you, SuperRyan for taking such good care of me. You are my hero!