Monday, December 24, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

And then he built me a mantel.

As I've previously mentioned, it's well known that I'm married to a rock star. He's a heck of a teacher and coach, a loving man-friend, and an amazing father to our son. But, he also builds stuff! And because he's so detail-oriented, he does a great job on everything. About a month ago, he built a mantel to go over our fireplace, and I couldn't love it more! 

 I searched pinterest for ideas, and he brought them to life! We only spent $27 at Lowe's on all of our supplies. 

 Our front porch was his workshop. 

 And the cars were the work bench! 

 Almost done...

 We bought a mirror for above it, and I love it! 

Just in time for fires to warm our cozy home... Thanks, Ry!!

Friday, December 14, 2012


'Thumbs' by Shel Silverstein

Oh the thumb-sucker's thumb
May look wrinkled and wet
And withered, and white as the snow,
But the taste of a thumb
Is the sweetest taste yet
(As only we thumb-suckers know).

Saturday, December 8, 2012

8 months.

2, 4, 6, 8 (yes, I'm really singing an old soccer chant...)Who do we appreciate? Cooper!

Month 8 was marked by...
 Cutting ALL FOUR top front teeth in a matter of a few weeks. The last pearly white finally made it's debut a few days ago, so hopefully we can put the baby Tylenol away for a while!

Riding like a big boy at the grocery store. 

Going to TOWN in his jumper. 

Loving to read books! 
 And looking more and more like his Daddy! 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Who Needs Toys?

When God gives you leaves? 

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Much to be Thankful For.

We had so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving... I warn you, there are a gajillion pictures proving just how thankful we are! 

The Sunday before Thanksgiving we celebrated with our Community Group with a potluck.
 We are very blessed by our group! 

We had an early Thankgiving brunch with Grandma and Papa G and Aunt Lo. 

Cooper was enjoying his squash with Lo.

The banner I made for a little Thanksgiving cheer. 

Then some of our favorite people came to town...
 Cousins Caleb and Joshua!!!

Every year Ryan plays park football with his friends. This year, Chris joined in the fun! 

The fan club went to the park while the babies napped with Grammy. 

Cooper loved playing with his cousins and Aunt Jen!  

Sweet boys!!

The weather was so warm and delightful that we spent lots of time playing in the backyard.

Thanksgiving Love Birds.
 Lesak Fam!


Trying for a Christmas card photo! 

 Four Generations.

 Unfortunately Grandma Lahvic was too sick to join us, but we went and visited her. 

 I made matching bibs for the boys. This pic makes me want to gobble these little turkeys up!!! 

 So thankful for my sister and that our sons are so close in age. 

 We also celebrated Grandpa Lahvic's 88th birthday!

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Crafting.

Since Cooper joined our family, I knew this Christmas I would need want to get new stockings for our little family. I looked on etsy, but was going to be out at least $100 for stockings for 3 of us, and then there's the dilemma of when we have more kids, the stockings wouldn't match. These are serious problems, people. :) And of course I needed a matching tree skirt. Dolla dolla dolla bills y'all...

So I went to Pinterest for ideas! And looky here what I found!

I used my old tree skirt and flipped it over and got crazy with burlap, red fabric and a glue gun-no sewing involved!

 It may or may not have taken FOR.EV.ER, but isn't it beautiful?!

 Oh yeah, back to stockings...I got cheap red felt stockings from Hobby Lobby and covered them. I decided to do simple stripes for the boys and ruffles for me. 

Then I got chipboard letters, added gold glitter, and voila! A total Christmas stocking/tree skirt re-do for $15!!

I can't wait until next weekend when we get to decorate for the holidays! What holiday crafting have you been up to lately? 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

7 months.

It cannot be possible that our son is 7 months old!
  • We don't go to the doc this month, but my home scale says he's at right about 15 lbs. 
  • So far he's had avacado, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, peas, and prunes. Oh and rice cereal. Ick!
  • On his good days, he sleeps 12 hours at night ans two 2ish hour naps. Of course daylight savings time/constipation/the opposite of constipation (thank you prune juice!)/more teeth coming in/God knows what else have messed up his daytime naps quite a bit. But his nights are consistent, so I can't complain!
  • He's sitting up by himself more and more, and still getting up on all fours-but hasn't started crawling yet. Mom is in no hurry. :)

Our big adventure this month has been expanding our pallet! I've used this book and this website for recipes and tips.

Goofy boy!

 Mommy has been busy in the kitchen making all kinds of baby food. The above picture is peaches pureed from Grandma and Papa Gilmore's tree!

 Peas, anyone? 

 Bake those sweet potatoes, scoop out the flesh, and puree away! 

 I just use my regular blender and regular ice cube trays and they work wonderfully. No need for the fancy baby food specific products! 

 Steaming pears.

 We've also been playing with our friends! Coop's buddy Micah (and his family) came over for the Tech/UT football game.

Coop playing with his gf Kendall! 

We walked down to the polls and cast our vote!

Just in case you think things are always roses and sunshine...:)

Our little bug is doing wonderfully, and we cannot be more blessed! Happy 7 months!!