Sunday, August 26, 2012

Meet Cousin Shelby.

Shelby Brielle Ray was born August 24th in Jasper Georgia. She weighed 7 lbs 8 oz and is doing great! 
Congratulations to Megan, David and big brother Sean! We wish we were there to kiss those delicious cheeks!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our 'Hood'

Ryan and I live in a peculiar little neighborhood. It has many retirees who have lots of time to worry about the comings and goings and overall affairs of their neighbors. The other day when I was walking with Cooper I ran into a very kind lady named Helen who was walking her pup, Mr. Bo Jangles. Helen and I have become quite friendly over the summer. This particular day Mr. Bo Jangles was trying to rip off wearing a birthday hat. Hoping I was right I asked, 'Is today Mr. Bo Jangles' birthday?' Helen was very proud to say that yes, it was his first birthday. Later that afternoon I heard a group singing Happy Birthday to Mr. Bo Jangles from our backyard. These are things that truly put a smile on my face.

The HOA puts out a quarterly newsletter that Ryan and I would pay money for. There's a specific section where people can vent, and we cannot get enough of what people write. Here's a recent piece that would be unkind for me not to share...

"Please do not leave your dog(s) outside barking excessively. This incites a neighborhood barkfest. While walking in the neighborhood, please do not drop your cigarette butts on the sidewalk, in the rocks in front of sidewalks, in a neighbor's property, or in the street. Please dispose of them properly as you would any other trash. Dead branches should be removed from the trees in our front yards so that they do not end up falling and causing damage or a safety hazard or ending up in a neighbor's yard for them to clean up. Oh, and please do not water your lawn during the middle of the day. It's wasteful, runs down the street, and your lawn is dead anyway."

I'm deeply proud to know that Cooper will grow up in a place where our furry friends' birthdays are celebrated in style, while neighborhood barkfests, rogue cigarette butts, and unruly tree limbs are highly frowned upon.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

4 Months Pt. 2

Baby Cooper did great at the pediatrician today! At 4 months he weighs 12lbs 9oz and is 24 inches long! He's holding tight in the 15-20th percentile in both height and weight. :) 

 Strong boy! 

Thank you Auntie Mill for my cool jammies...(they finally fit!)

In other random news, yesterday was the first day of school...Does anyone else love the nostalgia that comes with brand new school supplies?

Okay, I think I'll go rock the screaming baby in the other room now!

Friday, August 10, 2012

4 months.

Oh Holy Night, my son is 4 months old. I know every mom says this, but time seriously needs to slow down! I chose a pic of Cooper rolled over for his 4 month-er, since that's all this boy is doing these days!

Clean Bean!

 Toys are becoming more and more exciting. 

 Coop loves playing peek-a-boo! 

 So blessed by our little family!

 Buddy Boy spent weeks trying to roll from his back to his tummy. Finally he got it (and hasn't stopped rolling both ways all over this house!)

 Move over, paci! Sophie moved to town!

 Coop's buddy Tristan (and his parents) moved to California. We're going to miss them very much! 

 Ryan couldn't resist this photo.

Coop's 4-month check up is next week, so I'll report all his stats then! Until then, enjoy this video of Coop's high-pitched giggles and squeals of glory!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last Day of Summer.

Summer came and went in a flash! In order to celebrate our last official day off, Ryan and I took Cooper into the mountains for a little hike. 

 Riding on Daddy Boy seemed like a good idea....

But somebody was not crazy about facing backward...

 MUCH better, people!

 We stopped half way for a little picnic.

Crazy about PB&J.

 Our handsome hiker!

 Family photo op.

 Crashed out!

 We kept telling Coop that if he fussed the bears were gonna get him. :) 

 We came home for the afternoon and had naps and then headed to the Isotopes game with JJ.

 Cooper had all kinds of interesting people things to look at.

 But then the excitement got the best of him... 

What a fun day...Night night!!!