Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cooper's Pumpkin.

For the past few years, Ryan and I have great expectations of growing a fantastic pumpkin patch in our backyard. Out of many plants, last year we reaped 3 small pie pumpkins (that I never made into pie). This year, we diversified our pumpkin types, and although many plants grew, we only came up with one pumpkin. In our case, one is all you really need!

 The harvest. 

 'Cooper, do you like the pumpkin we worked so hard on growing you this year?'

 'You do? Oh good!'

 'What are you thinking about, buggy?'

 -'My hand tastes delicious.'

Happy Harvest!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Per our pediatrician's instructions, we started Cooper on solids at 6 months. Rice cereal was his first taste of real food. Here's what he thought...

'Mom, this is not right.'

'You expect me to like this?'

 'Okay, this avacado business is better...'

' What is this foreign liquid? In this foreign object you call a sippy cup? Water? It doesn't taste like anything!'

 'Oh, now this thing you call a strap I could get used to!'

'What are you lookin' at?'

Saturday, October 20, 2012

6 months.

Our little man turned 6 months a few weeks ago, but I wanted to wait until we went to the pediatrician to get his height and weight. 

  • Height: 25 inches- 10th percentile
  • Weight:13.5 lbs-Coop is a little guy! He 'fell off the curve' this month, but our pediatrician didn't seem concerned. He said starting solids should help fatten him up! He also said he's developing wonderfully in all other ways so I shouldn't worry. Keeping weight on my men is a full-time job...Too bad Mommy doesn't have that same problem!
  • Head: 17 inches-25th percentile
  • Still eating momma's milk every 3-4 hours with the occasional bottle of formula while mom is at work (her frozen stash ran out!)
  • Still sleeping between 11-12 hours at night
  • He pushes up onto all fours, but hasn't got going yet.
  • Almost sitting on his own-not quite there yet.
  • He got his first cold a couple weeks ago and hasn't been able to shake it. He generously shared it with his parents too. The good news is, he doesn't act sick at all. If it weren't for the wall of green boogers in his little nose, you'd never know he wasn't feeling well!
  • He babbles all the live long day...Ryan is especially fond of 'words' that sound quite like 'Hi Dada!!!'

 Helping Mommy work on lesson plans!

 Just a preview of Halloween...

 Snuggle time! 

 I can hold my own bottle!

 He splashes like a mad man in the tub! 


Which one of these is not like the others?
Ryan does most of the evening routine with Cooper when he gets home from work. He changes his diaper, gives him a bath, gets his jammies on, etc. while I clean up the kitchen. The other night when I went into Coop's room, look what I found on his changing table!

 Family photo-op before Daddy and I headed out for date night.

 Cooper is learning the importance of a healthy breakfast. 

I love his expression here. 

IMG 0298
from Lesley Gilmore on Vimeo.

Baby Cooper, I cannot believe it's been 6 months since we brought our little bug home. You have brought us so much joy. I'm constantly amazed at how cheerful and mellow you are. You definitely have your Daddy's disposition! You LOVE to be outside, and are a joy to everyone who knows you. Love, Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, October 18, 2012

To Houston and Back.

Grammy, Cooper and I made our way to Houston last weekend to visit Aunt Jen, Uncle Chris, Uncle Trav, and cousins Caleb and Joshua. It was so much fun. I promise the pictures I'm posting here are only a fraction of the ones we took!  
Cooper was such a trooper in the airport and on the plane. The Ergo was a lifesaver! We ended up sitting next to one of my girlfriends' mom, Johnelle, which was such a treat. Cooper liked her red lipstick!  He did not sleep much, but didn't scream either, which I take as a victory. The bottom middle picture is what we all felt like by the time we made it to Jen's house. 'Mommy, save me!'

We spent a lot of time on the carpet playing referee with the boys. We kept telling them they're going to be best friends someday. For now, Cooper was mostly a novelty toy for the big boys to explore. 

Uncle Trav moved to a new place, so we went to visit him for lunch. Cooper loved his Uncle Travis!

One of my sweet friends from college Bethany, stopped by Jen's house to visit thumb-sucking Cooper...She has a soft spot for thumb suckers because 'this girl she knows' may or may not have sucked her thumb until the 5th grade when her mom made her trade thumb-sucking for permission to shave her legs. :)

My sister is a rockstar, especially when it comes to feeding her boys. Aunt Les taught them how to 'PARTY! PARTY PARTY!' when meals were over. If only the madness was caught on video! 
 'Hey Baby Cooper! Get back here!'

Snuggle time with Aunt Jen! 

 We took the boys to a pumpkin patch for a photo shoot. The pictures turned out really cute! 

 My big 6-month old!!

 He's making that silly smile face all the time lately. Funny boy! 

 I know it's because they're our kids, but Jen and I could not get enough of how sweet these pictures are.
 Such sweet cousins! 

Thanks Aunt Jen for being such a wonderful host! We can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving! 

 'WHAT Mom?! We're leaving in the morning? NOOOOO!!!!'

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ready for some football.

Last week Cooper received a fun package in the mail! My friend Dana from Tech started an Etsy shop, Jacks & Roxanne and makes some super cute outfits for wee ones. Cooper is totally ready for college football this Fall! I just checked her site and there are such cute things for Halloween! Whether you need a gift for a baby shower or want to treat your own little one to some handmade goodness, check out her shop!

Happy Thursday!