Tuesday, January 22, 2013

10 steps to get your daily Vitamin D...by Cooper

Step One: Get strapped into Bob. Insist mother jog to the park.

 Step Two: Insist mother put you in swing and push gently. 

 Step Three: Once returned from jog, find something to chew on in the backyard. 

 Step Four: Rip Remove sunglasses from mom's face. 

 Step Five: Persevere. Even when she takes the sunglasses away. 

  Step Six: New Game! Where did momma go? 

Step Seven: Peekaboo!!

 Step Eight: Find those brown crunchy things on the grass and put them in mouth. You must persevere even when momma uses two words you may have been hearing a lot lately... 'No' and 'Yucky.'

Step Nine: Insist mother put you in swing. Again, ask her to push gently. 
 Step Ten: Smile and giggle so she knows you're enjoying yourself! 

And that's it! You too can enjoy the unusually warm days and get some Vitamin D!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

9 Months.

Our sweet Cooper is 9 months old! And he's officially crawling!

 His 9 month check up went great! He is 26.5 inches long and 15.95 lbs. Our little pipsqueak! The pediatrician said he's developing wonderfully and looks just perfect! 

This month Cooper got to meet his sweet girlfriend Lydia! While she looks terrified is not totally convinced, Cooper LOVED her! We plan on using this pic in their rehearsal dinner slideshow. :) 

 Ryan and I did some MAJOR cleanout of the garage and closets over Christmas Break, and look at this gem Ryan found! Hahahaha!

Here's a video from a few weeks ago, when he first started making his moves.

Here's another one of breakfast this morning. :)

Sweet Baby Coop, it has been such a joy watching your little personality blossom. You are quite the ham, and love to laugh and play with Daddy and I. You eat just about anything I put in front of you, although the scale may not show it! You're still a great sleeper at night, although I think since you learned to crawl, you'd much rather skip your morning nap and do laps in your crib. You LOVE banging books against your head looking at books and exploring your little world. We love you to pieces! Mama and Daddy

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas with Cooper.

Cooper's first Christmas was very blessed indeed. Grammy and JJ went to Italy to visit Uncle Brad over Christmas, so we celebrated with them a week early.

 Playing with JJ

 Opening presents!

My sis and I got Grammy a necklace with all 3 of the grandkids' names on a charm! 

 On Christmas Eve day, we went and brought Grandma Johns lunch and visited for a while. Look at these two cracking each other up! 

 Ready for church on Christmas Eve! We even kept Coop in service for the singing...He loved it! 

 Building a fire with Daddy. 

 Christmas Morning! He loved the crinkling of the paper. 

 Books! Yay! 

 String! Excellent! 

These Christmas jammies are my fave. :)

 We spent Christmas Day at Grandma and Papa G's with Aunt Lo and Nate. 

 Cooper got books and toys! 

 Playing with Papa.

Usually for New Years I do a 'Best Of' post highlighting the best parts of each month of the year. As I looked back through all of my pictures, the absolute best thing that happened to us this year has been Cooper, and we've certainly seen plenty of photos of Coop!

This year, I thought I'd tell you of Ryan and my New Year's tradition. We take two of the year's leftover Christmas cards and write the best things that happened to us that year as well as predictions for the following year. Last night we tucked sweet Coop in, enjoyed a few beverages, and went through the past few years and laughed at the predictions that did and didn't come true. And how we basically look the same in all our Christmas card photos. :)

Happy 2013!