Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ryan's 31st.

My sweet hubby's 31st birthday was yesterday, and I planned quite the adventure for the two of us! 

First things first...
Duke City Donuts. Heck Yes.

After Ryan went to work for a few hours, he came home and we set off for our first stop...
Rock Climbing at a local climbing gym!  

It was super fun! We took turns belaying each other and climbing. Our forearms (along with the rest of our bodies) were on fire afterward, which lead us to our next stop, and one of my favorite places...Betty's Bath and Day Spa.

 We spent 30 minutes soaking in one of their private tubs! It was very relaxing, but it was 95 degrees outside, so we were blazin-hot. We both thought it would be great to go back during the winter sometime. 

 We showered and dolled ourselves up after the soak and headed to Indigo Crow for a romantic dinner. It was a delicious dinner and even better company! 

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Megan, Sean and Shelby Come to Town.

Ryan's big sister Megan, and our niece and nephew Sean and Shelby came to Albuquerque a few weeks ago. We had a great time!

 Shelby is 4 months younger than Coop, so they had a fun time playing with each other. :) 

 The kiddos. 

 Shelby and Coop enjoying Freddy's! 

 Sean, Ryan, Coop, Megan, Shelbs. 

 Cooper playing with Lo-Lo's nose. :) 

 Classic :) 

 Dinner at Cracker Barrel. 

 Grandma and Papa G with their grandkids! 

The whole gang!

Monday, July 8, 2013

12-15 Months.

The past few months Cooper has grown and developed so much! Today at his 15 month check up, he finally broke the 20 lb mark at 20.5 lbs (5th%)! He also grew two inches since last time and is now 30 inches tall (10%). 

 At 13 months he went from two naps to one, and although I was reluctant, it's been great all around. We are busy busy busy all morning long and Coop sleeps HARD from noon to 3 or 3:30. He still sleeps from 7pm to 7am, with a few more late nights due to summertime. 

At 14 months he started walking full time and moved up to the walkers room at church like a big boy. 

Lately he's been talking up a storm. He says 'mama' 'dada' 'papa' (both grandpas are called papa)  'lo-lo' (Aunt Lauren) 'bye bye' 'no no no' (either when he sees something that's a no-no or when he doesn't want to do something) 'boom!' (when he drops something or falls down) 'dat' (that) 'wa' (water) 'mil' (milk) 'blue!' (blueberries) 'to' (toast) 'ball' 'book' 'more' 'nana' (banana) 'ut oh' (when he drops things off his high chair) 'oh boy' 'yeah' 'may-men' (amen-the sweetest!). He also knows the animal sounds of a cow, horse, sheep, dog, cat, and coyote.

Also this month...Coop's become the king fit-thrower of the house. Mom reminds him 'no fits' and puts him in his crib or I just walk away and do my best to ignore him. Let the world of discipline begin! ;)  

While his fits can wear on a girl, Cooper definitely shows his sweet side. He gives the sweetest kisses and snuggles and loves huggin on his mama and daddy. 

Ryan and I give Cooper body slams, which basically are picking him up and dropping him onto our bed (gently, of course). He thinks it's hysterical. And lately he's been picking up his toys or pillows and body slamming them while yelling 'boom!' Luckily he's only done this to inanimate objects so far. :) 

Buddy boy continues to be a great eater! Breakfast is the most consistent meal. Pretty much every morning he drinks his whole milk then has fruit, yogurt and toast. Lunch varies with either turkey meatballs/sweet potatoes/peas, lunch meat/cheese, PB&J/banana, black bean quesadilla, mac and cheese, or leftovers from dinner the night before. At dinner he pretty much eats whatever we eat which has been so nice. He loves chicken and pasta and doesn't fuss at most veggies.  I make carrot applesauce and recently made him broccoli applesauce that he'll eat for a snack when he wakes up from nap.

He's obsessed with any container with a lid. He loves putting the lid on and off and loses his brain gets frustrated when he can't do it by himself. He likes playing in his sandbox and new (to us) sand and water table. I know he'll grow into these things more and more. He loves going on walks and runs with me and loves pointing and yelling at the birds and dogs we see along the way. When we're playing in the backyard and hears an airplane going over our heads, he'll point in the sky at it.

Cooper Boy we're so thankful for you and it's been our greatest joy watching your little personality really develop over the past few months!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer so far...

We've been having a great summer so far. 3+ hour naps out of Cooper each afternoon have provided mama with lots of crafting time.

 A nursing cover for Linds...

 This pinterest-inspired 4th of July wreath. 

A giant ruler growth chart for the little guy.

We've also been doing some home-improvement projects...
We bought this DIY kit for $70 and transformed our old bathroom countertops. 

We're having our kitchen and bathroom cabinets painted in a couple weeks...can't wait to see how it looks all put together! 

Such a great helper...

 We've also done our fair share of swimming-Cooper LOVES floating around the pool, and mom loves her new suit... Turns out I hadn't bought a new bathing suit in 5 years...can you say half off at J. Crew?!

Ryan and I also celebrated our 5th anniversary a few weeks ago! We took Cooper to the zoo in the morning, then dropped Coop at Grandma and Papa's while we saw Man of Steel and went to dinner. 
Cooper's faves were the peacocks and the polar bears.

Unfortunately the only pics we got on our anniversary were at the zoo with the little guy, but they sure are cute!

 How handsome are my guys?!

Hope your summer's as sweet as ours!