Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Random Summer Wrap Up.

We had an excellent summer, but we also grieved the passing of my sweet Aunt Carol in July. She fought cancer for 3 long years. She was a great aunt to me and a wonderful great-aunt to Cooper.

Here they are at Easter this year. 

My parents, brother and I made our way to Chicago for her funeral. My mom grew up in Chicago, and although we were there under sad circumstances, it was fun visiting! Ryan earned Father of the Year for the boys weekend he and Coop had back here in ABQ. :)
This is one of my mom's childhood homes. Isn't it picturesque? She said that baby birds would die all the time since the roof was so steep and that all of the neighborhood kids would have bird funerals at least once a week all summer long. Isn't it funny what we remember about childhood?

 This is the home that my grandparents lived in for a long time, and the home I always visited as a child. We'd catch fireflies in their backyard and bring them home in mason jars to hot, dry Albuquerque. I'm sure they loved that. :)

 The flowers and pictures at her service. 

 The ceiling at Bohemian National Cemetery's chapel was beautiful. 

 The Saturday before we left, we spent the day downtown. Here's my cousin Nicole (Aunt Carol's only daughter) and her bestie Monica in front of the bean. 

 Monica and I taking our picture in the reflection. Super cool. :)

The Wrigley Building. 
It's kind of a lame picture, but I made my mom go in the American Girl store with me. I teared up a little watching all the little girls with their moms choosing ridiculously over-priced dolls like I did as a child. I sure do hope to do that with a daughter someday! (I'll start saving now... :)

 We took a river boat tour (think The Break-Up) while eating Garrett's popcorn (think Heaven). 

 Famous Chicago deep-dish pizza! 

Me, Nicole and Monica. 

Random photo, but a noteworthy part of the summer...
Whitney and I ran the Rock N Glow 5K. It was super dangerous, but fun. And motivated my lazy behind to run all summer. 

As with most summers, we took advantage of the time off to do some home improvements.
 We re-surfaced our bathroom countertops and had all of the cabinets painted. Entirely worth having someone paint them for us! We also added new hardware.
The kitchen is much more cheery with the new paint! 

Pretty, right?

Guest bath. 

We also had a ceiling fan installed in our master and replaced the one in the great room. 

I spruced up an old 'piece of art' with some chalkboard paint and some truth.

As an End of Summer treat, last weekend we took Cooper to the Isotopes game, and he loved every minute of it! For the native 505'ers reading, yes, that is a Dukes hat. Pretty awesome.

 Singing the National Anthem with Papa JJ.

Uncle Brad even 'caught' him a foul ball! 

Back to School is always a rough transition at this house, but we're doing our best by going to bed early and drinking lots of coffee all. day. long. :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


My sister and her sweet fam came to visit last week! Uncle Brad and Uncle Trav were in town too, which made it quite the little Johns family reunion! 

Story time nap time was always a priority. 

And so was playing in the backyard! These three literally spent hours on end for 3 days in a row playing their hearts out. So great.

Big boys enjoying the pool...

Little boys doing the same! 

"When I turn this can over, the.water.comes.out." :)

I die. 

The second day Grammy, Papa JJ, Jen and I took the boys to the zoo!  

Feeding the ducks. 

Talking to the peacocks. :)

Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear? 

How sweet are these cousins? 

Pile of grandsons. :) 

 Uncle Trav teaching Cooper to tickle the ivories. 

And Uncle Brad teaching C and J to read. ;) 

 That evening we had a little family baby shower to celebrate Jen and Chris' newest blessing. 

We didn't know then what they were having, but found out yesterday they're having a GIRL!!!! I couldn't be more thrilled! (Plus I won some money ;)

 We re-created family camping in the backyard. The best part was indoor plumbing and beds to get into afterward instead of squatting to pee and sleeping bags. ;)

 The last day Papa JJ took the boys to the baseball field for batting practice. 

Caleb and Joshua were really good at hitting the ball...


While Cooper's strengths lied in setting the ball on the tee. :)

Good work, boys! 

 The last afternoon Mom, Jen and I escaped the chaos had a lovely time at the St. James Tea Room.

 It was such a lovely time!

I feel so blessed by our wonderful week together!