Thursday, September 19, 2013

Aunt Lo Lo Buys a Duck.

Who really needs the State Fair when Aunt Lo Lo buys a baby duck from the State Fair? She's basically bringing the party to you! 

Lauren brought said duck (Pierre) over to play with Cooper a few days ago and he's been asking for him ever since. :) 
We let Pierre swim in Coop's baby pool. :) 

 Proud mama to Pierre. :)

 At one point Lennie Coop showed his love with his tiny hand around Pierre's neck, but we quickly showed him how to be gentle.

Pierre and I share the same sentiments after spending an afternoon with this busy boy!

Now, tell me that's not the cutest baby duck you've ever seen?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Thumb-Sucker's Woes.

Our sweet Cooper recently sucked his thumb till it was red and flaky and down-right gross. I'm a 'It will get better...I don't need to take him into the doc' kind of gal, so I waited about 5 days of it not getting better before taking him in. Doc gave us a steroid cream to put on it twice a day. We opted for nap and bedtime so we could wrap it up and give the medicine a chance to work.
Good news... it's looking much more like a thumb and less like a teenager's athlete's foot. Even better news...the kid hasn't sucked said thumb for almost 2 weeks! (Thank you, video monitor for confirming the absence of any thumb-in-mouth action) Can you say a thumb-sucking miracle?!
Hallelujah! ;)