Sunday, January 19, 2014

Olivia Marie.

Our sweet niece Olivia Marie was born December 21st!

She was 5 lbs 14 oz of pure sweetness.

My mom and I made our way to Houston a few weeks ago to help snuggle the baby and play with her big brothers! Ryan and Coop had a boys weekend back home. Grammy brought some New Years party paraphernalia for the big boys.

 Sweet little toes. 

We did our best to get the big boys outside during the afternoons so the rest of the house could sleep!

 Busy bees! 

 Reading with Aunt Les. 

 What a princess! 

 She's a great sleeper! 

 One busy momma! 

 Party on Aunt Les and Grammy's air mattress!

 We love you Olivia, Caleb and Joshua (and your mom and dad too!)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas 2013.

We had a very Merry Christmas this year!
Cooper loved the tree and did a good job reminding himself 'no touch.'
I made an advent calendar this year with little envelopes. Each day had a Scripture verse and either a family activity or an M&M for Coop. 
He figured out quickly advent meant, 'read Bible, TREAT?!'

 Throwback Christmas Eve pic of my childhood bestie, Laura and I. 

 Christmas Eve was spent at church, then to my parents house for prime rib and gifts. And luminarias. Always luminarias.

 Cooper helping Uncle Brad with his gifts. 

 Grammy and Coop. 

 Papa JJ sharing his peppermint ice cream.

 We spent Christmas morning at our house, eating cinnamon rolls and opening presents. 

 Coop got pretty good by the end of it all. :)

 Reading his new book. 

 About noon we went up to Ryan's parents for gifts and dinner. 

 Helping Daddy.

 Aunt Lo got Coop this cool rocking dragon. He named him Puff. It's really the only appropriate name for a dragon.

 Christmas selfie.

 Another Christmas throwback that had to be shared...My cousin Nicole and I rocking our homemade Christmas sweatshirts made by Grandma Lahvic. Amazing. 

Merry Christmas 2013 from the Gilmores!