Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cooper 2.5

Our boy is two and a half and I thought the blog was due for a Cooper update. He's busy busy all day long, and doesn't want to stop for anything. I'm lucky if he takes 3 naps a week. Don't get me wrong, he's in his bed everyday for 2-3 hours, but he sleeps only occasionally. 

He loves to play baseball in our backyard, as well as play with his trucks and sandbox. He's into pretend making us food-especially coffee and donuts and 'salt and pepper coke.' It's all very delicious. He loves music and plays the piano and Grammy and Papa JJ's house every time we're there. He's also quite the dancer. ;) Grandma and Papa G have an acre of land for him to roam on when he's there, and he thinks it's quite the adventure to 'go down the hill.' 

He loves his Daddy VERY much! 

Cooper loves pasta of really any kind, and asks for 'Lucky Charms cereal' for breakfast every morning. I only give it to him half the time. ;) He'll eat most things I give him, but is very content with PB&J and any kind of fruit. He drinks milk and a juice/water combo during the day and is constantly suckering any adult for a sip of their drink, knowing full well that grown ups don't dilute! 

The past few months Cooper has been very in to Super Why. It's on PBS kids, but also Netflix, which makes it very convenient for Mama to pop on when I hop in the shower. He loves letters and nerds out by spelling words (with our help) with little foam letters. 

He loves playing with friends, and we have play dates with buddies at the park, Explora, the zoo, or each other's homes at least once a week. Plus, his mama enjoys adult conversation, even if it's interrupted every two minutes by toddlers. He enjoys going to Sunday School and learning Bible songs and playing with friends. He's quite the tattle-tale and tells us if anyone got in trouble during the hour and a half we were gone. Hysterical. 

Nemo is still very much his favorite movie as well as stuffed animal. Nemo often needs his own bowl of snacks, especially when it's something delicious like Target popcorn. 

Cooper loves his sister Claire, but can't quite figure out why she sleeps so much. He's always asking when she's going to wake up. She'll be up and in all his business and toys before long! 

As with most 2.5 year olds, he can be quite independent and obstinate. When I say, 'okay, time for breakfast,' he replies  with 'it's lunch, mama.' When I put blue socks on him he says 'I like these red socks.' (Yes, he knows his colors, and no- he's not color blind!) Even right before nap today he said 'I'm NOT going!' as I watched the stream of pee fall into the potty. He's a turkey, to say the least and Mama's patience is tested often. :) 

Although he can be quite a handful, he's also tender-hearted and sweet as pie. He's quick to say he's sorry if he accidentally steps on your toe or bonks your head. My healing after having Claire has taken longer than expected which limits my activity some and he's always asking if my 'bottom is healing up pretty good?' So sweet. He speaks kindly and softly to Claire and loves to snuggle with her. Ryan and Coop read books and sing songs and spell words before bed, and I love eavesdropping on their sweet time together. They really are best buds. 

We love our Cooper boy! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Cousin-Palooza 2014.

My sister Jen and her sweet family drove from Houston this week for Balloon Fiesta! Good, exhausting fun was had by all! 

Aren't these the cutest cowboys you've ever seen? 

Scrub a dub dub! 

Stories with Papa JJ. 

We took the group to Explora... Babies got to ride! 

 Playing with Grammy. 


Backyard fishing for Beanie Babies with Papa. 


 Beautiful sunrise before balloons. 
 Strollers for days.



 Baby's gotta eat! 

Running the bases. 

 Claire loves her Aunt Jen. 

 Driving Papa's tractor. 

 Water break. 

 Backyard picnic with Grammy and Papa.

 Lots of laughs with these three. Some tears too, but those pictures aren't nearly as cute. ;) 


 Sister time. 

 Girl cousins. 

 Five kiddos under three. 

My sweet Claire. 

 Good helpers. 

 Good practice at taking turns ;) 

Very happy (and tired) grandparents! ;) 

 Sweet Olivia. 

 Grandma Johns and Aunt Angie came over for dinner. 

Happy Birthday Uncle Chris.

Thanks Lesaks for coming to see us! We love you!