Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Claire-5 Months

I realize I'm only blogging her monthly pic these days, but I hardly find time for much more. Here's a glimpse at our girl at 5 months old. 

 Stealing kisses and snuggles from Daddy. 

 Jumping (okay, mostly just sitting) in her jumper. 

 Afternoon chats with big brother. 

 Our sweetie contracted Cooper's croup (almost a month later) and was a sick sick girl. Although it was super sad to have a sick baby, the extra snuggles were the best. 

We've also found Claire's new hang out while Cooper plays in the yard! 

Since we had to take her to the pediatrician for croup, we know she weighs 13 lbs, 8 oz. And while she was sleeping 11ish hours at night, she's back to waking up once or twice cause of her cough and/or boogers. We'll get back there soon enough. :) She is such a joy to all of our lives! 

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