Sunday, April 12, 2015

It's Been A While...

It's been a while since I've documented our little lives here, but it's mostly because we've been so busy living it! 

 Claire was 13lbs 12oz at her 6 month appt! She's a bitty baby just like her brother was! We started solid foods with her and she's proving to be a pretty good eater. Bananas seem to make her spit up more than other foods, so we're avoiding those for a while. 

She loves to go on walks facing forward just like Coop. 

Jen and her three littles came for about 5 days back in February and we had the best time! 

The boys were busy up on Papa's baseball field, playing in the backyard, making valentine crafts and throwing Grammy a surprise birthday party. 

 This girl is very happy unless her teeth are giving her fits. She's always busy chewing on whatever's in front of her in order to give her some relief. 

 First food. Those cheeks. 

The last weekend in February was a snowy one! Coop loved making snow angels with Grammy. 

 I turned 29! 

Ryan took me to tea to celebrate the big 2-9 and it was delightful! 

 This wonderful boy turned 3. How can it be? I'll work on writing a whole post on what he's up to these days, but for now, a picture of his sweet smile and slimy backyard treasures. 

For his bday we took him to eat donuts and then to Gravity Park where he had way too much fun jumping and climbing with Daddy. 

Balance bike-rider! 

 We hosted our whole family to celebrate Easter and God blessed us with the most beautiful day! It was bittersweet since it will be the last holiday we have at our little house. We're moving in the middle of May down the road a few miles to a beautiful home with more room for our growing family. No, I'm not pregnant. But the kids are growing. Get it? Good. :) We're so blessed to be able for the new home. More on that later. Maybe. ;)

And lastly, there's these two. Coop and Claire just adore each other. And we adore them. 

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